How to configure your Cisco router the easy way

Have you ever wished configuring a Cisco router was as easy as a run-of-the mill Linksys or Netgear? Cisco routers are extremely powerful but not-so-easy to configure unless you memorize a bunch of cryptic commands. Sure the ASDM makes it a litter easier but what if you want super-easy? I got tired of copying one config file to another and doing search-and-replace operations so I make this quick-and-dirty, web-based Cisco Router Config Generator. All you have to do is fill in a few boxes with your network settings and hit “Generate Config”. Then upload the resulting config file into your router. It doesn’t cover all the advanced things you can do with your Cisco router but it covers the most common things like DHCP and Port Forwarding. You can use the config file as is, or customize it to suit your needs.


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