Cisco ASA Command Line

If you work with Cisco devices on an infrequent basis, use this handy cheat sheet to navigate through the CLI.

Command Description
show ip route Displays entire routing table
show ip interfaces brief Displays a summary of all interfaces
show running-config Displays the running config
copy run tftp Copies running-config to a TFTP server
write net Same as above for PIX 501
copy tftp run Copies configuration file from TFTP server to DRAM
config net Same as above for PIX 501 (must be in global config mode first)
copy run start Copies running-config to startup-config
write mem Same as copy run start
reload Causes the router to reboot and reload from startup-config
erase start Deletes the startup-config. (Factory Reset)
write erase Same as above for PIX 501
show version Displays software version
enable Moves from user mode to privileged mode
config term Moves from privileged mode to global configuration mode
exit Moves back one level
ip domain name Sets the domain name
crypto key generate rsa Creates RSA hash for SSH
ca gen rsa key 1024 Same as above (PIX 501)
ca save all Saves the newly generated key to flash (PIX 501)
show crypto isakmp sa Displays Phase 1 info
show crypto ipsec sa Displays Phase 2 info
clear crypto isakmp sa Deletes any active isakmp security associations
clear crypto ipsec sa Deletes any active ipsec security associations
more system:running-config Shows the running config without masking pre-shared keys
show xlate Shows information about NAT translations
show local Shows number of local hosts vs. licensed hosts
show activation-key Shows the currently activated features
activation-key xxxx Installs a new activation key

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